Ok, here's the deal:

It's quite simple - you and me, a really cool bar in Sydney (Australia), and your favourite drink.

How does that sound?

By making this one single purchase, I will unlock for you the secrets of being the coolest guy in the universe over a pint (or whatever), depending on whether we can shoo away all those pesky paparazzi. For that short but special time, I'll be your best friend, your wing-man, your drinking-buddy, and we can tackle all of the world's problems from the barstools of one of Sydney's finest establishments. Hell, if we get along like a house on fire, I may even just stay for more than one!

Of course, if you're a recovering alcoholic, I'm happy to relocate to some of the finer Tea-Houses or Juice-Bars... its all the same to me! And please note - I'm buying you a drink, but you still have to get your own transport to Sydney, Australia!

I can't promise you romance* (* i.e. Duuuhh!) but I can promise you the time of your life, and its all MY SHOUT!

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

Please read the DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS before you buy,
or Contact Demis with your questions!

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