Ok, here's the deal:

Don't get me wrong - I love my wife - but she really is a TRULY AWESOME NAGGER.

If there were an olympic event in nagging, none of you other countries would stand a chance : it'd be GOLD FOR AUSTRALIA every four years, without question.

How this works is simple : if you've got something really important coming up, but you're a bit of a slacker or lacking that final push, let's get my wife involved. She's a management professional by trade, and really good at her job.

Let her keep you organized all week with some systematic scheduled nagging, and after that week, you'll be so on top of things you'll wonder how you ever survived without her. I'm talking Phone, SMS, Email... whatever you need to get you moving, at whatever pace/intensity/timing you need to get the job done.

Think about it - this could be seriously productive! Other "Professional Naggers" are charging up to $250.00 for exactly the same service (do some googling - I'm telling the truth) but if you book some nagging here, it'll only be $100 for a limited time only!!

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

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