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Sexy Dance : "Whip It!"

Special Dedication for ROBERT on the Gold Coast from Stuart & Lizl...

With a song title like that, there was no other way to approach this Devo classic apart from turning my SEXY UP all the way to KINKY!! Yeah... you know you want it!!

*SIDE NOTE* : there's nothing cool about that spray-can whipped cream. I'm never gonna get that taste out of my mouth....

TV Spot : Australia's "A Current Affair" featured story!

Check out this clip to see what happened when a camera crew came round to my place to watch iJustWantYourMoney.com in action!

Nothing beats the comment at the end about me being a "truly bizarre man" hehehe :)

Sexy Dance : "Vogue"

"I Just Want Your Money" Sexy Dance : VOGUE from Demis JustWantsYourMoney on Vimeo.

Special Dedication from the NYC Tree to her dear Mother in Australia

Benny Ninja, eat your heart out. Yeah, that's right... I can Vogue it with the best of them, and hey Madonna, if you're out there, CALL ME for your next music video, ok? I'm cheap!

Sexy Dance : "Rocket"

Special Dedication from George to Matt

I normally don't try to get between two guys and their rockets, but when George asked me to do this special request to one of my all-time favourite boy-bands, I simply couldn't refuse! (The Ten Tenors : "Rocket")

Sexy Dance : "Dirty Dance-Off"

Performed exclusively for Michelle in North Carolina

When Michelle ambiguously asked me to do "something from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack", right away, I knew it was time to prepare for battle.

So ok, I probably put in a lot more effort learning some dance-moves for this one, but with nothing else to do than work up a sweat with Patrick on a sunday afternoon, I'm sure you'll all agree it was definitely worth the effort!

Sexy Dance : "Toxic"

Performed exclusively for "Tanya & Deb" of QLD, Australia

These girls sure picked an awesome track - a personal fave of mine when it comes to Sexy Dancing in my spare time:

Britney Spears : "Toxic" .... nice! Enjoy it ladies. And come back again, anytime!

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