Ok, here's the deal:

You send me a couple of pictures, some instructions, and I'll professionally photo-doctor them together for you. It's as easy as that.

When I'm *actually* working, I do visual effects work, so even if you think "hell, I can do that", well hey, I can do it BETTER THAN YOU, and I promise to make each and every piece I do, a fresh exciting unique piece of art.

Some examples of past photo-doctors include :

...basically, anything you can come up with, if you submit your photos, I can probably do it. Perfect for practical jokes and 'group emailings! Do it : I just want your $10.00!

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

Please read the DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS before you buy,
or Contact Demis with your questions!

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