Ok, here's the deal:

So you've seen the site, you've seen the offers, but you just want a little bit more of "The Demis".

What makes this guy tick? Is he for real? What's his favourite colour?

So many questions, so little time for me to respond to my awaiting public.... but I'd be more than happy to accept media interviews from you, whomever you are!

Of course, if you want to pay me more - GIDDY UP! - and if you're someone really cool, I may be prepared to haggle (so just TRY ME...), but in short, if you want a piece of the "I Just Want Your Money" action: SHOW ME THE MONEY! :)

The sooner we get your people talking to my people the better... and in between my heavy media commitments, personal training sessions, hair-makeup, photoshoots, coffee with the Olsen twins, and all my other regular day-to-day celebrity activities, we can see if we can make it work for both our calendars.

I look forward to hearing from you!

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

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