Ok, here's the deal:

Let's face it - you really can't trust your friends or family when it comes to how you look.
No matter what, they'll tell you "You look great!", even if in fact, your new haircut makes you look hideous, and you're wearing jeans which really don't do your butt any favours...

That's where I come in!

For only five bucks, let me serve you the honest opinion YOU NEED! Simply email me a couple of photos, and I'll give you a comprehensive, objective review of my first impressions of your overall look. Bargain! Think about it :

I've never claimed to be a style guru, but I still know the difference between what looks cool, what looks drab and what looks HOT! Give it a shot! - heck, its only FIVE BUCKS - what have you got to lose?

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

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