Ok, here's the deal:


Sure you do - doesn't everyone? I've got a whole pile of them, and let me tell you, they have really changed my life.

Why not own a little piece of "Demis" from the hit website, "I Just Want Your Money . Com"? There's so much you can do with it - put it on your wall, have someone print it on a t-shirt, put it up in the passenger seat of your car so that people think you're WAY COOL driving Demis around... really, there are so many uses for this one, all for the one low, low price!

For $25 I'll send you one of these sweet puppies - sleek, 8"x6" professional matte finished prints - and to really sweeten the deal, I'll sign it for you (or any of your friends or family) with whatever personal message you desire....

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

Please read the DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS before you buy,
or Contact Demis with your questions!

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