Ok, here's the deal:

I'll call any phone number in the world on your behalf, and deliver the message you are too scared to deliver yourself. If you've ANY issue with somebody, but you're either too embarrassed or TOO CHICKEN to confront the person about it directly, let me be your contract caller. Your mobile mercenary. Your "Alexander Graham HELL"!

I've done a few of these already so far, including :

... but you know, those are a little on the 'wuss' side compared to how far I'm prepared to go :

...if you can think it up (and are too pussy to do it yourself), then I'm your guy. All confidential - be anonymous or be yourself, I don't care : I just want your $10.00!

(NOTE : Additional "How is this gonna work?" instructions will be given right after payment!)

Please read the DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS before you buy,
or Contact Demis with your questions!

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