Ok, here's the deal:

Everyone has something they've always wanted to know - some nagging question of life, love, philosophy...

Well ponder no more - The Guru Is In!

Ask me any single question you have in mind, and I'll post you a very thoughtful and thorough answer via YouTube. Now, that may not sound like much of a deal, but I do guarantee I'll not only put in a serious amount of effort into the answer itself, but given my history as a video editor, I'll try to present the final piece to you as something you'll not only treasure, but be seriously entertained by.

Some question suggestions to get you thinking :

Really, whatever you can think of, I've got all the answers. Backed by years of couch-potato research into a number of social, scientific, financial and historical fields, I guarantee you'll be coming back again and again to ASK DEMIS!

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